Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held remotely due to Coronavirus Lockdown

on Tuesday May 12th 2020


Due to the Government guidelines on social distancing and self isolation this meeting was held remotely and decisions evidenced.


Election of Chairman , Vice Chairman and Councillors

Position Name Proposed Seconded  
Chairman Kevin Jones JB SJ  
Vice-Chairman Janet Bolton KJ RB  
Councillor Rob Bartlett KJ SJ
Councillor Steve Johnson KJ JC
Councillor Jo Curtis KJ JB


Declaration of Office Forms and disclosable pecunicary interest forms will be circulated and completed , signed and witnessed by the clerk at the next admissable Parish Council meeting and will be forwarded to Dorset Council.


2020.13                       Officers roles

Name Role Agreed
Rob Bartlett Roads, drains, potholes, Yes
Janet Bolton Village liaison ,Village Garden Yes
Janet Bolton DAPTC representative Yes
Jo Curtis Planning Yes
Steve Johnson Defribrillator monitoring Yes
Kevin Jones and Steve Johnson SID maintenance and movement Yes


2020.14           Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Tuesday May 7th 2019 will be agreed as a true record and duly signed at the next admissable meeting.


2020.15           Chairman Kevin Jones’ report

“ Its hard to believe it has been a year since taking over the roll of Chairman! It has been a relatively quiet year with regards to the Parish with councillors carrying out their regular duties as representatives of the parish and myself continuing the work of my predecessor.     We have however managed to secure the purchase of the telephone kiosk and over the next few months hope to make a decision on what we are going to do with it.   There have been a few suggestions on what it should be used for but by far the most popular seems to be an Information Centre with possibly a map of the village and information on the mosaic as its proximity is close to the location the mosaic was found.

 SID             The Speed Indicator device seems to be proving a very valuable piece of equipment in the fight against speeding in the village.   The majority of the feedback I have received has been positive and its effects have proven it well worth the work to get it installed.   The six week rotation of its location seems to be proving a suitable and effective time period.

I would like to add some thanks to all the councillors who give up their time to attend meetings and assist in keeping our village functioning and our parishioners concerns heard.   They are a valuable link to our County Council and I would like to make a special thanks to Cllr Janet Bolton my Vice Chairman whose assistance has been vital to me taking over the Chairman’s role. Finally a great thanks to our Parish Clerk, Viv for keeping us all in check and on the straight and narrow.



2020.16           Annual return and draft accounts for the year to 31.3.2020

The draft accounts have been prepared and reconciled and copies circulated to councillors.     Final figures have been posted in draft form on the HSM Parish Council web site.  The internal audit was completed and signed off prior to the Lockdown.   The balance at 31.3.2020 was £ 4044.97

The Clerk will return the AGA report to the Auditors.       Once the accounts leave draft form having been approved by the Parish Council at the next admissable meeting the public may have physical access to them.

Cheques have been prepared for donation to Village Hall, St Marys PCC and the Mosaic.   These will be signed and countersigned at the earliest opportunity.

The Clerk will arrange to add the telephone kiosk to the insurance policy.


2020.17                       Asset Register and Risk Assessment


RISK ASSESSMENT Approved with no changes
Financial and Management Systems Approved with no changes
Council assets Approved with the addition of the Speed Indicator Device.
Asset Register Approved with the addition of the SID
Annual Governance statement


Telephone Kiosk

Approved with no changes


For approval at the next admissable meeting





Date of next meeting       Tuesday August 2020 ( date to be agreed )