Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall
on Tuesday August 25th 2020 at 7pm


Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)
Councillors –   Janet Bolton (JB)  Steve Johnson (SJ) Jo Curtis (JC)
Clerk –              Vivian Hitchmough (VH)
4 members of the public and Cllr. Carole Jones

In line with Government guidelines the Village Hall was well ventilated and cleaned and social distancing was adhered to with seating and movement.     Hand sanitizer was used at the entrance and details taken for track and trace if necessary.

 2020.18           Apologies Rob Bartlett (RB)

2020.19            Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday February 18th 2020 were agreed as a true record and duly signed.

Minutes of the virtual meeting of Tuesday May 12th 2020 were agreed as a true record and duly signed.

Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday May 7th 2019   AGM were agreed as a true record and duly signed.

2020.20           Matters Arising
The Chairman reported that disturbances at Cutt Mill during lockdown had caused a great deal of concern particularly for residents nearby the Mill.

He explained that over 100 people had gathered together at the site on occasions and there was some vandalism and drug taking.    During the hot weather people were swimming in water with hidden dangers and diving from heights into shallow water.   Barbecues were used and were a danger to the area.   When asked to leave some were abusive and the fences around the Mill and signage had been vandalised.    The Council has ordered “no through road” signs and Estate signs will be placed underneath the Council signs.   A chain barrier will be put across the road at the parking area  which may be taken down if emergency vehicles need access.  The fencing will be checked on a weekly basis and police are reactive and proactive to the situation.

2020.21           Declarations of Interest

2020.22           Updates from Officers
Planning          None

Roads, drains and potholes

In his absence RB reported that the temporary repair to the tarmac edge on the road to Sturminster  had broken down and the Chairman said that this has been reported.

Village Liaison

JB reported that Jo and Nigel Martin had taken over the production of the Mosaic.

Village Garden           

JB reported that Liz Collins has taken over the garden work starting with an Apple Day.    Richard Collins has organised a work party to lay chalk in the  maze.

Speed Indicator Device

The Chairman reported that the  equipment is still on a 6 week rotation which seems to be helpful in slowing down vehicles in each direction.     He said he receives 98% positive feedback from residents particularly those on the main road.   He said he has a spare battery to fit prior to the winter weather setting in.


SJ said that he had inspected the equipment and reported to Dorset Ambulance service.

2020.23           Finance
A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed.

The clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation statement.

2020.24           Reports
Cllr Janet Bolton tended her resignation from the Parish Council with a letter to the Chairman who thanked her for her hard work and committment to the Parish Council through the years saying that her advice and knowledge had been invaluable to all the Councillors and the Clerk.   He said her presence on the Council would be greatly missed.

Janet reported that the Parish Council, the Church Council and the Village Hall Committee will be meeting probably twice a year to unite all village life and acitivities.    If Covid rules allow there will be a December get together for all the village.

The Chairman said that there were many individual groups within the village and working as one unit to resolve any issues and enable Hinton to remain unique would be the way forward.

The Clerk had reported Cllr Bolton’s resignation to Elections at Dorset Council and a notice had been place on the board.    If Dorset Council receive a request for election from 10 electors an election will be held otherwise it will be through co-option.

Cllr Carol Jones reported that her group of Covid19 volunteers had reached 120 members who had been extremely busy during the lockdown by manning the doors at Boots, delivering prescriptions, shopping etc.

Requests were calming down now but there are still areas such as driving and befriending where there is a need.     She said were many families in food poverty and her group have set up The Pantry Food co-operative.   They have funding from the Doctors surgery for one year, and they have funding for 40 laptops.

Cllr Jones reported that no units can be built at Rolls Mill as there was only enough grid capacity for 4 more houses.    North Dorset Council sold Rolls Mill as a service plot but SSE has quoted eight million pounds to bring in power.

She said the UK capacity was up to 98% now and the situation is very worrying.

2020.25           Questions from members of the public

2020.26           Correspondence
No outstanding correspondence

2020.27           Any Other Business
JC reported that several people had complained about the dog mess on the green and whilst she realised that another dog bin could be added but not emptied by Dorset Council she suggested that the bin be moved to a more prominent position where people walk their dogs.  She suggested opposite the White Horse.    The Chairman said he would make enquiries in this respect.

Janet reminded everyone that any news items would be welcome for the Mosaic and could be sent to her or to Nigel and Jo.

2020.28           Items for next agenda


2020.29           Date of next meeting

Tuesday November 3rd 2020 at 7pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50 pm