Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall

on Tuesday February 18th 2020 at 7pm



Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)

Councillors –   Janet Bolton (JB) Rob Bartlett (RB) Steve Johnson (SJ) Jo Curtis (JC)

Clerk –                         Vivian Hitchmough (VH)

There were no members of the public

2020.01           Apologies

Cllr. Carole Jones


2020.02           Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday November 26th 2019 were agreed as

a true record and duly signed.


2020.03           Matters Arising

Adoption of the telephone kiosk.

The Clerk has received an email from the BT authorisation team confirming they are ready to proceed, but need clarification on the land beneath the telephone kiosk.   The Chairman asked JB to speak with Hinton St Mary Estates in this regard.   JB reported that there had been several suggestions for use for the kiosk.

  1. Fill with geraniums
  2. A drop off centre for the Blackmore Vale magazine
  3. As a Visitor Centre to keep leaflets for walks in the area, footpaths and information on the mosaic and garden.


2020.04           Declarations of Interest



2020.05           Updates from Officers


Planning          There had been one application since the last meeting and the Parish Council made no comment.


Roads, drains and potholes

KJ reported that after the inclement weather many of the drains are blocked with leaves and mud.  Ditches on some of the minor roads need digging out and he recommended that Councillors and residents contact the Dorset For You web site.   Any report/query has to be acknowledged and investigated.


Village Liaison

JB advised that the Church suggestion of a periodic meeting, possibly twice a year between the Parish Council, the Church Council and the Village Hall Committee has been agreed and will be organised.


Village Garden           

JB said that the first storm had damaged two panels and a post and SJ had

replaced them.   The second storm destroyed the remaining panels and.

replacements have been delivered.


Speed Indicator Device

The Chairman had received an email from the Road Safety Officer asking for feedback on the Speed Indicator Device.   KJ said the feedback was in the main positive. He said when the SID was moved motorists tend to speed up again.   JB reported that the device picks motorist’s speeds some distance away when driving from Sturminster and the Chairman considered this to be the angle of the pole.   The Chairman will now reply to the Road Safety Officer.



Nothing to report.


2020.06           Finance

A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed.

The clerk circulated a bank reconciliation statement

The clerk reported that Dorset County Council had accepted the application for Precept for 2020/21 at £ 1800 which will be paid in two instalments 30th April and 30th September 2020.


2020.07           Reports County Councillor


2020.08           Questions from members of the public        



2020.09           Correspondence

No outstanding correspondence


2020.10           Any Other Business


2020.11           Date of next meeting


Annual General Meeting Tuesday May 5th 2020 at 7pm

This meeting will be followed by the Parish Council meeting.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.20 pm