Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 

held at Hinton St Mary Village Hall

on Tuesday November 3rd 2020 at 7pm



Chairman –     Kevin Jones (KJ)

Councillors –   Robbie Bartlett (RB), Jo Curtis (JC) and Susan Burbidge (SB)

Clerk –                         Vivian Hitchmough (VH)

Cllr. Carole Jones


In line with Government guidelines the Village Hall was well ventilated and cleaned and social distancing was adhered to with seating and movement.     Hand sanitizer was used at the entrance and details taken for track and trace if necessary.


2020.30           Apologies Steve Johnson (SJ)


2020.31            Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday August 25th 2020 were agreed as a true record and duly signed.

Cllr Susan Burbidge was welcomed as a new Councillor and forms completed and witnessed by the Clerk for Cllr Burbidge and Cllr Bartlett will be forwarded to Electoral Services at South Walks House.


2020.32           Matters Arising

Cutt Mill Update.

The Chairman advised that he had attended a meeting with the land owner and the Fishing Club members to discuss the issues arising with wild swimming, kayaking, canoeing etc.  The Fishing Club have had charge of the river since 1903.   Some signage has now been erected and more is being designed regarding access and permissions.   It was decided that a licence will be necessary to access the river.   Discussions are taking place as to whether the licences could be set up on-line through the Fishing Club for boating and other water access but no decisions have been finalised.   It could be that licences may be allowed for certain dates, times etc.    At the present time a person holding a fishing licence can police the river and ask to see the licences of other people using the river.  Cllr Jones said that hooks and debris were left on the river bank which was dangerous and irresponsible.

The Chairman advised that there used to be a Water Bailiff who took charge of the river and questions have been raised regarding the fallen trees.  The Environment Agency however has stated that the fallen trees have a positive effect on breeding fish. The Angling Association is actively trying to decrease polution in the river and the Environment Agency blaming the land owners for run-off poluting the river.  JC reported trees were growing out of pillars on the footbridge and RB suggested that if it is listed it should not go into disrepair and DorsetForYou should be informed.

The Chairman said he would report this.


Movement of Dog Bin

The Chairman had forwarded emails to DorsetForYou and has yet to receive a reply. Cllr Jones said she will find a contract name and number for him

Meeting of Parish Council, Church Council and Village Hall

The first meeting of the three groups took place under strict Covid rules and without the public. It was an introductory meeting in order to ascertain as to how the three groups could work together for the good of the community in the future.  Each group gave an update of their activities and it was agreed in the  light of Covid 19 that the Village Party be regretably cancelled.  Meetings will be  open and transparent and open to the public when the threat of the virus is over.   It was suggested another meeting in March 2021 may be suitable.

The Hunt

The Chairman had received an email from a resident reporting dangerous behaviour. The rider was cantering a horse along the highway which is obviously dangerous to traffic and pedestrians and cruel to the horse.  In the event the rider was thrown and a vehicle following had to take avoiding action. The resident raised the issue with the Chairman and possibly the police and the RSPCA. The Chairman recommended that the resident take the issue up with The Estate Office and Alice at Fox Pitt Eventing and the Blackmore Vale Hunt.    JC also witnessed unruly and dangerous behaviour from the hunt. JC said the vehicles following the hunt were also acting irresponsibly.    Cllr Jones said she will inform the police. The Chairman said that hunt protesters were also on scene.


2020.33           Declarations of Interest


2020.34           Updates from Officers


Planning          None

Roads, drains and potholes                                                                               

RB reported the edge of the road towards Sturminster from Hinton St Mary needs repair and he has reported it to DorsetForYou. The Chairman said keep reporting it until the work is carried out. Cllr Jones will also get in touch.

RB said there is a build up of sludge through the village and if this freezes it will be very dangerous.  He said the main road had been cleared but not the village.   He said he had reported a pot hole in Stearts Lane.


Village Liaison No report

Village Garden           

SB said the tidyup planned for Saturday had been cancelled due to the second lockdown.

Speed Indicator Device

The Chairman said the equipment is helpful in slowing down vehicles in each direction and he confirmed that moving the SID helped to remind people.  He had completed a survey for Dorset Council in this regard.



The defibrillator was in fact opened up on Friday night when a resident fell. It was not used however. The equipment was then serviced at the weekend.


2020.35           Finance

A cheque for the clerk’s salary was signed.

The clerk reported that the final 50% of the precept in the sum of £900 had been credited to bank in September.


2020.36           Reports

Cllr Carol Jones advised that the Community Food Store, The Pantry was opening up with recipients paying £4.50 per week to receive a food parcel worth £30/£40.   She advised that food poverty is hidden and therefore this helps to address the issues. The Blackmore Vale Surgery is financing the scheme.

She said there was a revenue shortfall of Twenty One Million pounds due to Covid which was not being funded by Central Government.

Childrens services were suffering seriously.

The Rolls Mill industrial site continues to cause problems with the lack of infrastructure and generally a worrying situation regarding the lack of supply of electricity for new builds in the area.

The parking charges have been extended to 8pm and now include Sundays.  This is an operational decision but very controversial.    Asked whether wardens police this, Cllr Jones said randomly they do patrol.


2020.37           Questions from members of the public        

No public present.


2020.38           Correspondence

No outstanding correspondence


2020.39           Any Other Business



2020.40           Items for next agenda



2020.41           Date of next meeting

Tuesday February 2nd 2021 at 7pm


The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50 pm